*pulls on braids nervously* An Intro!
Ringo - Goggles
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Fic: "Operation Cuddle" - Mild - Tallahassee/Columbus
last stop
Super mild fic done in one sitting for zombieland_kink!

OP wanted secret cuddling, and it evolved into hurt/comfort.

Summary: Tallahassee likes to cuddle Columbus when he thinks the kid's asleep. Columbus notices. Head trauma ensues.

Super mild, the fluffiest thing I've ever written, methinks.

Can be found at yonder journal.

Mecha Kitteh - Made by me
Another newbie here *waves* :3

Preferred Name (City, State) : Powhatan, Virginia
Age : 24
How You Found PacificPlayland : While looking for slash
Favorite Character(s) : Columbus.. usually with Tallahassee
Least Favorite Character: Wichita
Favorite Quote (s) : 'Hey, for fuck's sake, enough already! We are being chased by ravenous freaks. Like we don't have enough problems. Oh, they stole my hummer. Oh, we have trust issues. Well get over it! We can't just fucking drive down the road playing I Spy or some shit for two hours like four normal-ass Americans? Fuck me.' 'Woah.' ' I know!'
Preferred Method(s) of Zombie Extermination : Guns and lots of them
Plans for the Zombie Apocalypse? : Keep myself alive which is bad for me because I suck at Rule #1 XD

Favorite Books : Lolita
Favorite Movies : Fight Club, Memento, Sherlock Holmes, SyFy Alice, Kill Bill Vol.1
Favorite TV shows : White Collar <3, NCIS, South Park, ATHF

What do you do on LJ? Make icons, write fics, read fics, write about my boring life.
Miscellaneous / Other : NICE TO MEET YOU ALL :3

1st time Tallumbus fanart
Derek Jeter; highly amused

I decided to draw some fanart for the community. It's my 1st attempt on drawing Tallahasse and Columbus so, I'm sorry if it kinda sucks. Also, my scanner got retarded on me and clipped part of what Tallahasse is saying.

Wrong twinkie, spit-fuck.Collapse )

Hey, y'all!
Hello, everyone! I'm pretty new to Z-Land, but I hope to contribute things in the future!

Preferred Name (City, Country): Leipzig, Germany
Age: Classified.
How You Found PacificPlayland: Roaming around LJ in search of zombies
Favorite Character(s): Tallahassee and Columbus
Least Favorite: I don't know. I didn't like Wichita when she first showed up, but I like her more, now. So, I'd probably have to say...the zombies.
Favorite Quote(s): "Well, you could pick out the buckshot and eat around it..."
Preferred Method(s) of Zombie Extermination: Baseball bat, assault rifle, big guns
Plans for the Zombie Apocalypse?: Staying alive, and finding other survivors
Favorite Movies: Sherlock Holmes, V for Vendetta, Repo: Genetic Opera, Howl's Moving Castle (and all other Miyazaki movies), and Zombieland (of course)
Food you're searching for: Fruit Roll-Ups
What do you do on LJ? Read fanfiction

Nut Up Or Shut Up
Title: Nut Up Or Shut Up
Author: Sanford
Rating: Mild
Pairing: Tallahassee/Columbus
Warnings: Post-Zombie apocalypse, character death, written like a letter
Word Count: 374
Summary: It’s almost like none of that bullshit actually happened.Collapse )

Update and some icons~
Hello, hello! I spent the past week or so updating tags and adding them to all the entries. I think I got everything. If you have a problem with the way it's tagged, please feel free to fix it to your liking. I just tagged things the way I saw was appropriate.

In addition, if anyone wants a tag added, let me know.

Now for the icons.

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U-uhm, Hello!
I made my new LJ Finally and got around to join, so... introduction!  8D;; please don't kill me

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Playing Doctor (Part 5/?)


Title: May 23rd
Author: Laylabinx
Pairing: Columbus/Tallahassee
Rating: Moderate, except for, you know, Tallahassee's mouth
 He had been quiet all day.  It was unnerving and unsettling and worst of all, they knew what is was about.



May 23rdCollapse )

Swisher; rock on!

Hey there. It's Tampa again with something I know you'll love:

Director Ruben Fleischer has confirmed that there will be a Zombieland 2! =D=D=D
Here's the article:


And for those of you that don't trust Wikipedia, I don't blame you. So, I made sure it was true and found another link:



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